As we wait for the global public to set their eyes upon the lines of the Mazda CX-60, a generous crossover that will be launched during 2022, the German site of the Hiroshima manufacturer is relentlessly working on the refinement of contents, inspirations and cultural references in support of the aesthetics.

“In other words, we are defining ever so subtly our vision”, clarifies Jo Stenuit, Head of Style for Europe: “All has to revolve, as is natural, around the concept “Precision and warmth from the hands of man” which we launched in 2018 with the latest evolution of the Kodo Design, but an update is necessary for the details and the inspirations whilst the products evolve. Furthermore, we are aiming at conveying our values through a general consistency, even with the fonts used in our corporate communication or in the ambience of our photos, hence constantly exploring new means of expression”.

Amongst the most interesting manifestations of such a creativity are surely the four great works created to suggest and condense the traits of the future vehicles in production. All assembled with materials that are solid, natural, often coarse and void of any surface treatment, they develop certain values that are typically Japanese under the form of captivating installations. “Wonder”, with a large wooden wedge suspended with a fine line, conveys the excitement of an object that is about to move; “Harmony”, in which a white sheet of glass appears to be floating over a rock, represents the balance and elegance of a perfectly assembled space.

“Acceptance” is a celebration of gravity, obtained by suspending a graceful wooden arch with four red cord tie-beams, reiterates the importance of Nature and its laws; “Momentum”, another curved piece of wood fixed on a marble base and kept in position at the other end by a lace, contains all the energy of an explosion that is still quiescent. “This last one is my favourite – reveals Stenuit – because it perfectly embodies the tension of a Mazda that appears ready to launch even though it is off”. If, today, the immediate, and at the same time sophisticated, lines carved in the bodywork can somewhat be related to sculpture, the future seems to hold even more, and better.