Issue no. 239 summary

Cover story Lightyear One, Granstudio approach
How can a car bring ethics to everyday mobility and still combine, harmoniously, the needs of today’s society with respect for nature? “Through an approach that takes into account … by Marta Cinti

Concept car Hyundai 45, heritage for tomorrow
When Giorgetto Giugiaro designed the Hyundai Pony Coupé, presented by his Italdesign at the Turin Motor Show in 1974, he certainly could never have imagined that forty-five years on his styling research would… by Silvia Baruffaldi

Interview Ian Callum, made-on-mesure artisanship
From big business to luxury artisanship; even if his first outing as an independent designer bears the name of a supercar, the horizon is oriented towards product design. Ian Callum, creator of some of the most beautiful Jaguars… by Fabio Galvano

Design philosophy Mercedes-Benz Design Essentials III, transformation luxury
The message at the entrance speaks clearly: “Transformation of Luxury”, say the words on the door arch. We are in Sophia Antipolis, not far from Nice, at the headquarters of the new Mercedes-Benz design centre… by Silvia Baruffaldi

Design story Volkswagen ID.3, back to the future
“A clean break with the past, a total transformation”. The conversation with Klaus Bischoff, head of Volkswagen brand design, we met at the style centre in Wolfsburg, began with … by Edoardo Nastri

Technology Superstile, model making 4.0
Between design and industry, creativity and feasibility, there is a shadowy zone in which small but expert enterprises – known to those in the field, but not to the wider public – move, like Superstile. It rises up in the Moncalieri industrial… by Filippo Einaudi

Concept car Cupra Tavascan, reinvented sportiness
Cupra’s electric moment has arrived. After the Formentor, the plug-in hybrid concept car presented at the last Geneva Motor Show, the Seat sports brand reaches zero emissions with the Tavascan, a SUV-coupé prototype and manifesto… by Edoardo Nastri

Design studio Jaguar, at the heart of the Jaguar
A surface area of more than 12,000m2, double compared to the previous studio located in Whitley; 906m2 of windows to ensure natural light reaches the warm and welcoming environment; a 4K digital LED wall of some 11 metres… by Silvia Baruffaldi

Interview Frank Heyl/Bugatti, thoroughbred passion
ome car brands have never stopped making their fans dream. Bugatti is one of them. For Ettore Bugatti, founder of the company, making traditional cars was never an option: his aim was… by Edoardo Nastri

Design story Nissan Juke, change of pace
Elegance, dynamism, and sportiness. Three words that summarise the essential features of the Juke’s second generation, the Nissan crossover designed especially for the European market…by Edoardo Nastri

Interview Mark Adams/Opel, the renaissance
Opel changes its skin Since the German manufacturer was bought by Groupe PSA, a revolution has begun in terms of the style of the products and the models in the range, thanks to the… by Edoardo Nastri

News Changan, be creative
Changan Automobile has established the Innovation Laboratory inside the Changan European Designing Center. Outstanding designers from all around the world work here to explore new possibilities of Changan Design…

Design news Venucia Xing, expressive power
A logical follow-through of The X and The V concepts is the Xing, a mass-produced vehicle from Venucia: a Suv characterised by striking performance features and aspirations to elegance…

Bike&Design Suzuki Katana, unique personality
Original, enchanting, inimitable. Defined as the Japanese bike par excellence, the two-wheeler is back in a modern guise. Designed by Rodolfo Frascoli, he tells us how it was (re)born… by Francesco Barontini

Event Berman Autostyle 2019, designer a confronto
A completely new space for a tried and tested formula: the 16th edition of Autostyle was held on 3 and 4 October at Villa Corte Peron in Marmirolo, near Mantua, the ideal setting for an event that… by Sergio Chierici

Truck&Design Iveco S-Way, in praise of power
Turin. Again we’re discussing an entirely Italian concept of transport-linked style, not only one involving cars. Perhaps because of this, the ferment is palpable in the offices when those slides appear on which the first sketches of the Iveco S-Way… by Silvio jr. Suppa


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