Issue no. 248 summary

Cover story Changan UNI-K, versatility and personality
Changan races towards the future. It does so with the models of the UNI family, which focus on the latest technologies and a new stylistic language to make inroads into the hearts of Chinese drivers, increasingly immersed … by Francesco Barontini

In memory Robert Opron, a legacy without compromise
About himself he said: “For Citroën and Renault, I composed the score while conducting the orchestra”. Robert Opron, never-to-be-forgotten creator of many historic icons of French motoring and of the aura… by Silvio jr. Suppa

Design story Volvo C40 Recharge, electric journey
Sustainability, brand identity, clear, emotional design, instinctive interaction. And last but not least, formal beauty. These are the main themes of the C40 Recharge, the first “full electric” car and the first Suv-coupé from the Swedish manufacturer… by Silvia Baruffaldi, Edoardo Nastri

Concept car Genesis X, Ultimate athletic elegance
Electric spirit and sporty personality. The X Concept offers the sustainable luxury of Genesis in the guise of a high-performance 2+2 electric GT coupé embodying the Korean brand’s ideal of audacity and progress with dynamic proportions … by Marta Cinti

Design story Ford F-150 Raptor, desert racer
It would be extremely reductive to say that the Raptor is an American pick-up. It is much more: a pick-up, yes, but for racing, devised for competitions on the expanses of the Baja California Desert, perhaps also with the Dakar in mind… by Fabio Galvano

Design story Ioniq 5, rejecting the old rules
“A new mobility experience for the next generation”. This is how SangYup Lee greets the birth of the electric SUV with which Hyundai kicks off the new brand: Ioniq, dedicated from now to the holy grail of zero emissions… by Fabio Galvano

Design story Nissan Qashqai, strong character
Compact SUVs have achieved a level of success to exceed the wildest dreams of even the pioneers of the segment. First conceived by Nissan in 2007, the Qashqai is now in its third generation, with sales of more than five… by Edoardo Nastri

Design history Mazda MX-81 Aria, celebrating Italy
February 14, 2020: in a warehouse in the district of Fuchizaki, a few kilometres from the centre of Hiroshima, a big blue canvas is lifted to reveal a prototype with angular lines, a bit beaten up but basically intact… by Silvio jr. Suppa

Design story McLaren Artura
The McLaren Artura gives the lie to all those who still believe that emotion and sportiness do not go well with electrification. The first supercar in the segment with plug-in hybrid powertrain, the Artura is the epitome of all McLaren’s… by Edoardo Nastri

Design story Mercedes-Benz EQS, Flagship from the future
The EQS’s journey started long ago. Mercedes-Benz’s first electric flagship is the result of a synthesis of global ideas: “The study of the exterior began with the F015 concept car, which was unveiled at the Los Angeles Motor Show in 2015,”… by Edoardo Nastri

Bike&Design Norton, ready to be revived
The goal isn’t a modest one: “We want ours to become a centre of excellence, capable of producing motorbikes that conquer the world. This is why we need talented designers to come knock on our door…by Fabio Galvano

Research project Reutlingen University, Future in-car user interfaces
Automotive technology is in a state of upheaval. In the field of human machine interface (HMI), the increasing interaction between vehicles, users, and the Internet results in an increment of controls needed, which… by Martin Luccarelli, Franka Wehr

Young Giorgetto, how to become the designer of the century; Cars, design and emotions, in praise of aesthetical pleasure… by A&D


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