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A new model, presented recently and highly successful; a marque that is also a halo model, a name that epitomises the essence of the US muscle car. These are some of the characteristics of the FR500C, the fifth generation of Ford’s legendary Mustang, presented in 2005. Not certainly an invitation to redesign it. Not unless it was done as a deliberate challenge to stir interest in today’s design-aware market. This is precisely what led Italdesign Giugiaro to reinterpret this American icon which made its European debut at the 2007 Geneva motor show. Style director Fabrizio Giugiaro explains: “The FR500C is a great car, and it was not easy to improve on it with different ideas. Our goal was to provide a faithful interpretation of the spirit of the Mustang, but with something extra”.

While the production car is a classic three box sports coupé, right from the very start of the research stage the Italdesign Mustang adopted a more dynamic two box formula: “The result is a coupé that is less classic than the production model but still coherent with its image. The shape of the windcreen is the same, and the wheelbase and width of the platform are practically identical. The most ‘European’ and provocative part of our version is the rear overhang which is graceful, clean and modern, especially in the graphics of the tail view”, says Giugiaro.

Completely functional, the Italdesign Giugiaro concept complies with all US type approval regulations. “This is a real car in every detail, and it really is great to drive. We have created a classic car that offers modern performance that every Mustang enthusiast could drive without difficulty”.

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