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The domestic, the mundane, things used to keep the table tidy and to help in the kitchen, objects given as gifts at special occasions and things that seem useless and purely ornamental but actually conceal unsuspected functions.

It is often the small objects that have a story to tell, which lead us to much deeper contemplations, such as the observation of human behaviour and new domestic rituals.

A sense of rediscovery, a passion for Oriental cuisine and the cross-pollination
of our Western cooking with Japanese food have served as inspiration
for designers in the creation of a number of items in the DMK collection.

‘Tribacchetta’ and ‘Twist and Taste’ by Gian Maria Sforza are, respectively,
a utensil to help people who find it difficult to eat with chopsticks and a plate with a downward spiral pattern to ensure that all the sauce runs down to the middle.

The article continues in Auto & Design no. 167

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