Many businesses will remember the year that has just come to an end as the beginning of harsh times, with dim prospects for the future. There are some, however, that buck this trend and see the past year as a turning point in the growth of their business. “2008 was an extremely good year, with financial results that far exceeded expectations, giving us the means to face the year 2009 with confidence, in spite of the recession.”

It is unusual to hear such enthusiasm in these times, but Domenico Morali, CEO of Tesco TS since January 2008, has the numbers and remarkable results to substantiate his words.
“This March, we’ll be ending the fiscal year with a turnover of around 20 million Euro and a handsome profit: This adds to our excellent financial position and indebtedness of practically zero.”

This turnaround is the consequence of an intensive reorganisation of not just the managerial and administrative aspects of the business, but also of the design activities for which Tesco TS is known in the automotive sector – in all segments from trucks to passenger cars – in Europe and in other, new markets. “For example, we are currently working with our long established client Mercedes, while we have just sealed a contract for the development of a car in Libya.”

Now the time has come to dedicate new resources to style, a crucial part of a strategy intended to allow the company to grow into a supplier of turnkey projects for complete automobiles beginning right from the drawing board.

The article continues in Auto & Design no. 175

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