An electrically powered crossover with dynamic lines targeting the North American market. The GAC Enverge was created with these intentions, a concept car from the Chinese brand whose design material we publish, presented at the Detroit Show 2018. The design team led by Zhang Fan, Vice President and Head of Design at GAC Motors, in designing the car endeavoured to adapt the forms of a crossover of the future to the brand’s styling philosophy, which goes under the name of “Flying Dynamics”.

GAC Enverge
GAC Enverge

The signature sports car aggressiveness of the lines has been seasoned with the typical volumes of a Suv and targets a dynamic, young audience. At the front, the Led headlights are integrated into the slender transverse grille, with the logo standing out in the centre. The design of the fog lights, which can be taken out and used as torches, gives movement to the front of the car and the aluminium protection, lower down, suggests a possible off-road use.

GAC Enverge

To create a futuristic, entertaining user experience, the Enverge can be started using voice controls. Depending on the owner’s password, the headlights automatically light up as the large gull wing doors are raised. The roof is equipped with an intelligent electronic kit in which sports equipment or electronic gadgets can be stowed.

GAC Enverge

The interior is roomy and the four armchairs are upholstered with a practical three-dimensional printed fabric. After putting on their AR glasses, rear passengers can experience virtual reality throughout the journey. The large display in front of the driver makes it possible to control all infotainment functions. In addition to 350 kW fast charging, which allows you to reach the declared range of 400 km in ten minutes, Enverge also offers a wireless charging module.

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