Chery is opening a new development and design centre near Frankfurt area and specifically in the city of Raunheim am Main. The newly founded Chery Europe GmbH will begin to work here in January 2019. A team of automotive experts is making the start. The acquisition of employees for the R&D centre has already started. The aim is to employ around 30 to 50 people in an initial phase by the end of 2019. “We at Chery are aware that a serious and globally active automobile manufacturer must be present in the most important markets,” explains Chery’s Chairman Tongyue Yin.

The core areas of the Chery R&D center in Raunheim are research & development, design and marketing & sales. The focus is to carefully prepare the market launch of Exeed models in European markets sometime after 2020. “If Chery is to become a truly global brand, we have to go to Europe,” says Mr. Yin. Chery will focus on e-mobility, so a fully electric Exeed vehicle is very likely to become the first model to enter the European market.