A powerful, connected interface for vehicles of the future. The Tuc.technology project has been presented in Turin by Ludovico Campana and Sergio Pininfarina, the two founders of the May 2018 start up, and promises to revolutionise tomorrow’s mobility. Tuc is a modular connector that boosts the entire electronic system of a vehicle, enabling digitisation and customisation to the highest degree. Thanks to the development of a unique fixing method, it is possible to anchor, power and link up any element connected to the vehicle platform: from the seats to the dashboard, from the screens dedicated to infotainment management to the most varied options, including a coffee machine.


In concrete terms, traditional vehicle cabling systems have changed, replaced by a plug that brings to mind the one that accommodates the charging socket of our smartphones. This device not only allows you to configure the interior to your liking, but also provides the power needed to create a connected system. The connector can be adapted to different platforms and to any external architecture. It can be used not only by cars, from runabouts to extreme sports cars, but also by trains, planes and ships.


For the management of data, travelling on optical fibres, there is a computer, the “Tuc Brain”, for each plug. “We can offer vehicle and component manufacturers a solution to deal with the change in the mobility paradigm,” said Sergio Pininfarina, co-founder, Manager and Business Director, during the presentation. The initial idea was to use this system on the electric and self-drive cars of the future. As the project took shape, however, a more immediately usable possibility came to light, ranging from private to shared mobility.


In the latter case, even though it is not owned by the user, he can still have a personalised car, since Tuc will store in its memory the correct position of the seat, the preferred configuration of the interior, the right music and much more. “For the first time in history, with Tuc technology we could offer private spaces in mass mobility,” concluded Ludovico Campana, Co-Founder, Manager and inventor of the system. The reliability of the project is also supported by several high-level partner companies with names of the order of Adient, Sabelt, Samsung and Lavazza.

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