A new logo and new lines for two electric city cars and three sports cars, unveiled in recent weeks, that Flymove Dianchè – under a licensing agreement with Bertone automotive through its partner AKKA Technologies – has designed with Carlos Arroyo Turron, vice president of design at the future Style Centre in Milan.

Bertone Dianchè
Bertone Dianchè
Bertone Dianchè

According to Mr. Turron, the small Dianchè BSS City Car One and the bigger Dianchè BSS City Car Cube, with PV roof, represent a turning point in digital technology: the bodywork is deliberately unconventional, with its square, compact design, they have a central driving position and customisable body-cover. Above all, like all Dianchè cars, they feature a record-breaking three-minute battery swap system (BSS) instead of conventional recharging.

Bertone Dianchè
Bertone Dianchè

Alongside these there are three sports vehicles, built in Italy and available in a limited series: Dianchè BSS GT One, developed under the iconic Coggiola brand that the group is proud to have engaged; Dianchè BSS GT Two Pikes Peak, developed with Picchio; Dianchè BSS GT Cube, also available in the one-off version for use on the road. For Flymove and its team, the motorsport sector will be an important showcase for the battery swap system. The first prototype of a hydrogen POE (point of energy) station will be built in 2019 at the racing track in Adria, where the cars are tested.

Bertone Dianchè

All this is part of the Dianchè Smart Mobility Platform (SMP) for sustainable mobility, which looks set to be the only one in the world with low energy consumption and environmental impact. All in all, it is an ambitious integrated project, characterised by sustainable construction and zero environmental impact, capable of self-generating renewable energy for recharging batteries, with a network of stations, in addition to mobile points on lorries, where VTOL aircraft will also be able to land. Without overlooking future vertical mobility vehicles, on which Flymove is already working with Tecnam.

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