How to create a mobility space able to influence the emotions of those on board, through the use of the almost infinite possibilities enabled by four cornerstones of the future – a clear strategic goal – which are electricity, intelligence, connectivity and sharing. The answer comes from Enspire, a concept presented under the Buick brand but actually designed by the PATAC (which stands for Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center) design center which is a joint venture of the Chinese SAIC and the American General Motors. A Chinese Buick, someone observed after the recent presentation in Wuzhen: it is actually a joint response to the expectations of an electric and, it is assumed, self-drive future. But also, for Buick, the introduction of a new formal language that will be reflected in its future production.

Buick Enspire

More than a SUV, it is a crossover, with sculpted, wavy forms: it is no coincidence that designers speak of a design philosophy that “adheres to Buick elegance”, but that draws its inspiration from sea waves, with their “lively” and “pure” forms, interpreted in a series of details based on smart technologies (for example, the lighting clusters and the pixel grille, while inside vocal and gestural interaction are the order of the day). Design and function in a technological union that, in the intentions of the designers, “creates magnificent sensations and allows you to experience the mobility of the future”.

Buick Enspire

The sculptural exterior forms, graceful but powerful, give the Enspire a strong, sturdy appearance, “like giant boulders smoothed by impetuous streams”. The character lines on the sides connect different forms and interpret the classic elements of the dual Buick waistline in an innovative way. Inspiration for the smooth, shiny grille comes from the art of glass: its LEDs communicate with the outside world. The grille continues stylistically into the headlights made up of six individual Leds encapsulated in a bright aluminium frame, while the rear light clusters wrap around the entire tail giving a visual sense of width.

Buick Enspire

Enspire’s eMotion powertrain delivers 557 horsepower, which takes you to 100 kph in just over 4 seconds. The range, thanks also to active aerodynamics, is 590 kilometres: with the fastest systems the batteries can be 80% recharged in 40 minutes.

Buick Enspire

Muscular outside, but also under the bonnet. In contrast, perhaps, with the minimalist interior: starting with the suspended seats connected to the centre tunnel, which generate a feeling of spaciousness and light and, using facial recognition, automatically adapt to the occupants, or the large Oled display that almost completely replaces physical controls and includes advanced infotainment with a 5G connection. Elegant colours, handcrafted touches like the wooden inserts on the centre console and armrests, starry night ambient lights: all this contributes to underlining the harmonious combination of Nature and technology.

Buick Enspire

(Full article in A&D no. 233)

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