The first edition of the Magna Global Bold Perspective Award, the competition organized by the German company and dedicated to design students, is coming to an end. Zehao West Zhang, from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California, won the top prize for his autonomous vehicle for urban nomads. An accomplished panel of design industry leaders judged the 2019 competition, Brad Richards of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Jay Shuster of Pixar Animation Studios and Larry Erickson from Magna.

“Zhang’s thoughtful concept met the challenge of designing what vehicles might look like in 20 to 30 years by addressing the growing needs of overcrowded cities, while also creating a very personalized and human concept,” said Erickson, Global Director of Magna’s Exteriors Design Group. “Contests like this are so important for young designers because they are a good way to improve our design skills and show the industry what we can do,” said Zhang, now a designer for Geely Design in South Pasadena, California. Zhang’s minivan-sized concept vehicle revolves around creativity and travel. He imagines users will book the vehicle for nine hours a day and at night plug in to a “living port” that provides access to laundry, shower and restroom facilities, along with battery charging.