Four-door segment D sedan, the Tesla Model 3 is the least expensive of the cars currently offered by the American electric manufacturer. Like all Tesla cars, the Model 3 was designed by US designer Franz von Holzhausen. The car’s battery is an integral part of the floorpan itself between the front and rear axles, on the latter there is also the electric motor, while in the variant moved by the four-wheel drive there is instead an engine for each axle.

According to the American manufacturer, the design of the Model 3 has been studied to obtain excellent aerodynamic performance, a choice that increases the car’s efficiency and has a direct impact on the range. Some details have taken shape precisely for this reason, such as the door handles flush with the bodywork that allow the air to create as few vortexes as possible while driving. Tesla states a drag coefficient of 0.23. The design goal was 0.21.

The car was anticipated by a concept car presented by Tesla CEO Elon Musk in 2016 during an event at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California. Model 3 was an instant success: in the days immediately preceding the event, about 115,000 people had paid a deposit of $1,000 to book the model. The interior is minimalist, with a large 15-inch horizontally oriented screen positioned in a floating pattern in the center of the dashboard. From here you control all the possible functions of the car.