The R-Reforged limited series custom-built car manufacturer has announced that production of the Aston Martin Vantage V12 Zagato Heritage Twins will take place at its new factory in Warwick. The 38 cars, between Coupé and Speedster, created to celebrate Zagato’s centenary (1919-2019) and the 60-year partnership between the Milanese coachbuilder and Aston Martin, will be hand-built by R-Reforged in England and will only be available in pairs.

The 19 couples that make up the Aston Martin Vantage V12 Zagato Heritage Twins collection are the result of the collaboration between Zagato and R-Reforged and represent the best of two worlds: a Speedster, sporty par excellence, and a Coupé, with its classic and timeless style. Zagato’s signature is evident: the double bubble on the roof of the Coupé and the exclusive golden ‘Z’ plaque reminiscent of the Centenary.

The 19 Coupé and 19 Speedster, now derived from the latest version of the V12 Vantage, feature an updated version of the 5.9-litre, 48-valve aspirated engine that delivers 600 hp (85 more than the original). With a full carbon fibre bodywork, both feature active aerodynamics and a retractable rear spoiler that improves stability at high speeds while maintaining the pure lines of the Zagato design. Thanks also to other styling details, such as the 19″ alloy wheels specially made by APP Tech, the overall effect is powerful, determined but elegant and without a shadow of a doubt unequivocally Aston Martin.