Combining innovative technologies with a unique, sustainable, zero-emission package, Steyr, the tractor brand of the CNH Industrial galaxy, has created Steyr Konzept, a vehicle that offers a vision for the future of agricultural vehicles. “Its electric propulsion has given us the opportunity to explore many opportunities in terms of packaging and new volumes,” explains David Wilkie, head of design at CNH Industrial. “For this project we started from scratch, without being too attached to the traditional tractor concept in terms of interior layout.

The cab was positioned in the middle to provide the best possible view of the exterior. Drivers of the Steyr Konzept are helped in their work by virtually eliminating displays that take up space and reduce visibility. The monitors have been replaced by more advanced technology: “All the necessary information is projected onto the large glass surfaces, which still remain transparent, creating an effect similar to augmented reality,” continues Wilkie.

The vehicle’s electric motors have been installed in the wheels and energy is thus transmitted directly where it is needed, while an electronic torque booster (e-torque), powered by a central battery, provides additional energy during operation and when more power is needed. “Steyr Konzept is a high-tech premium product. An example? The tractor works with a drone which, before starting work in the field, maps the surface and transmits all the data to the vehicle’s infotainment system. A big step into the future,” concludes Wilkie.

Preview of the complete design story to be published in Auto&Design no.243 (July/August).