“The 2015 brief was clear right from the start and the mission was certainly not easy: to design the first Aston Martin SUV in history by following and updating the stylistic philosophy that had led to the creation of the new models”. Sam Holgate, Aston Martin Exterior Designer, explains in a video published on the British manufacturer’s Instagram profile, what are the main steps to follow to correctly design the DBX, Aston Martin’s first high-wheeled car arriving in a few months.

“The front end features the classic Aston Martin grille, a true signature of all our models currently in the range. For the overall design of the car we also referred to some features of the Aston Martins of the past, such as the legendary DB5. We positioned the wheels at the four extreme corners of the car, a choice that allowed us to maximise the interior space, shortening the overhangs for a truly sporty design,” continues Holgate.  The profile is characterised, as on the Vanquish coupé, by a single clear line from the headlights to the rear seamlessly. “Looking at the DBX, you can see how the doors are sculpted, not a conventional line for the SUVs. But this is still an Aston Martin”.