Fabio Galvano, joined by some of the Bertone family and managers from their company, tells the story of Stile Bertone’s expansion and Bertone Engineering, the latest operation of a company that has never ceased to innovate and evolve.

The completion of the project has enabled Lilli Bertone, who chairs the Group, to keep the promise she made to her late husband Nuccio. In the process, she was assisted by her daughter Marie-Jeanne, Vice President of Stile Bertone and the company’s Central Manager Roberto Piatti, who describes the outcome as “the conclusion of a cycle aimed at reinforcing the company structure and ensuring that it remains in a position to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market”.

The new wing was completed in September. Today it epitomises the Group’s determination to grow alongside its clients by offering them a service that is now more comprehensive than ever before, ranging as it does from styling research to engineering. “It was a decision of more than strategic or operational significance”, declares Marie-Jeanne Bertone, Stile Bertone’s Vice President (her sister Barbara is Finance Director of Carrozzeria Bertone, where her husband, Michele Blandino, is General Manager).

“Most importantly, it was my father’s dearest wish”.

The Caprie expansion was designed by a young Turin architect. Its later stages were completed by Marie-Jeanne Bertone, who handled all the “art direction” aspects, while her husband Eugenio Manassero, Finance Director at Stile Bertone, also did his bit. The message is clear. Even without Nuccio Bertone, his company is carrying on and developing in new directions. The new wing is a response to an expanding business and bears witness to Bertone’s stubborn determination to keep up with its own clients and with its market rivals.

The article continues in Auto & Design no. 144

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