Not just the styling, but a project followed in its every facet, from the design of externals and interior, to the graphic layout and the construction of the biggest full-scale mock-up ever. This is how Italdesign Giugiaro worked on the definition of the new Pendolino, the Italian high speed train that will come into service at the beginning of 2006.

The project, which took a total of 18 months, included the creation of new matching livery for all high speed trains in Italy. Beneath its metallic grey skin (with parts in red and blue), the Pendolino presents a completely new body which, as always with trains, offers its real personality at the front with a sharp, sporty nose and integrated car-inspired headlights.

While the externals of the carriages coupled to the locomotive do not present any features of particular note, it is in the interior of the train that the importance of the styling work done by Italdesign is seen to greatest effect. In the carriages of both first and second class, the influence of the constraints imposed by roominess and safety factors, passenger transit and the access of the disabled has been fundamental for the layout. The overall image of the carriages is a mix of warm colours and hi-tech materials, as for example the hat-rack in aluminium and glass, and everything is well moulded, linked, welcoming.

Done for its customers Trenitalia and Consorzio Cisalpino (a Swiss-Italian company that works on links between the two countries), 12 of the trains will be built for Italy and 14 for Switzerland by Alstom – Fiat Ferroviaria di Savigliano, but it can already be seen in its final form thanks to the full-size mock-ups done by Italdesign.

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