This, the last – and largest – piece in the plan to revitalise the Citroën brand, introduces a flagship to a range that has long lacked a car of imposing size and character. The C6 was launched officially at Frankfurt in September and is the final act in an intense body of work to improve the image and quality of the cars of the double chevron marque that has gone on for six years. For its cover story, Auto & Design met Jean-Pierre Ploué, Citroën design chief, reviewing with him the principal stages in the process that led to the new car. Here are one or two extracts from the interview.

“In recent years we have obtained great results in the small and medium segments and results both in terms of identity and market success have improved constantly. The C6 is the crowning moment in this process. It symbolises the completion of a job, and bears all the stylistic values of the marque, both past and future. It is a car that reconciles the traditions of French coachbuilding with contemporary design trends”.

“In this programme we had the good fortune to be able to work more calmly than in other projects because with this kind of product there are none of the anxieties and rush associated with the very high volume segments. This meant that the car was completed with painstaking attention and I must say that, in the context of the goals we set ourselves, it comes close to perfection”.

“This is a very difficult segment for us, obviously, but the C6 exudes powerful character and allure. I am confident that its style, perceived quality and charisma will enable it to compete in the upper levels of the segment”.

The article continues in Auto & Design no. 155

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