A great trident set in the centre of an oval grille, a lean, sinuous body with boldly flared arches and a tail view that is all new yet still consistent with the image of the brand. At first sight there are many aspects of the new Maserati Granturismo that stand out and invite the observer to come closer and walk around the car to capture every detail of the perfectly balanced fusion of the innovative and the traditional with which Pininfarina has defined the style and character of this exclusive coupé.

The brief assigned to Pininfarina by Maserati called for the definition and development of a generously proportioned 2+2 coupé based on the platform of the Quattroporte (the saloon also designed by Pininfarina), modified to accommodate the GT architecture. A theme the designers took on board, without forgetting to be consistent with today’s range and the way it will be in the near future. The historically inspired front, with its large, prominent oval grille and concave, vertical strakes, contrasts with the decidedly modern, technological design of the tail. “The project remained very faithful to the original theme throughout its development, and only the details were finessed”, explains chief designer Guglielmo Cartia, who also explained that a similar course was followed for the interior which had to be roomy enough for four, not just a compromised 2+2. The interior was another of the most rewarding aspects of the project for Andrea Pininfarina, who is also a great fan of the Granturismo in all its aspects: “We wanted an ambience with a sporty and essential but also very comfortable layout. The on-board electronics had to be expressive and uncomplicated. We worked together with Maserati to define the content, not just the style.”

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