A compact car with an architecture based on a predominance of glazed surfaces and with a powerful communicative energy that conveys the enthusiasm and freshness with which Skoda is winning over an increasingly loyal clientele.

The Joyster concept car presented at the recent Paris motor show is another part of the picture being drawn by Mlada Boleslav’s design centre to define the future family features of the range. The immediate instinct is to consider the car as a preview of the next production segment B, or at least as a study of a possible addition to the range, but this possibility is “still being assessed by the management,” explains Jens Manske, head of Skoda design.

The project brief given to Manske’s team called for a compact three door with exceptional dynamism and a wealth of fresh ideas. The running model turned heads at the motor show for its sports car paintwork, the dynamic design of the front overhang and the wrapround effect of the windscreen and side windows.

Inside there are many interesting features faithful to the project brief, such as the four separate seats designed to hug the bodies of occupants and to emphasise the dynamic character of the car, the infotainment system and the stowage compartments built into the front seats which can be detached and used as backpacks for excursions. “In the past the main point of interest in a car was the engine. Nowadays, the youngest clients attribute great value to the communication, information and entertainment systems”, adds Manske. The Joyster is a perfect interpretation of this trend.

The article continues in Auto & Design no. 162

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