Do you remember the 1980s, when the first thing they mentioned when launching a new car was its Cd?

Achieving the lowest possible drag coefficient was something to boast about
and the figure was listed even before top speed and maximum power.

Exactly the same thing is happening today with another parameter – this time CO2 emissions in grams per kilometre. As proof of this, Frankfurt this year provided the stage for a veritable contest between carmakers, with each trying to outdo the others with record breaking figures.

All these efforts to improve the ecological performance of cars, however, have not been matched by a corresponding revolution in appearance. In spite of the fact that all prototypes today are inevitably hybrids, the car itself continues to look the same as it always has done.

On top of this, design is now also called upon to convey the innovative technology within.

But there is definitely innovation, and it is primarily focused on achieving one
fundamental goal – minimisation.

The article continues in Auto & Design no. 167

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