Take the characteristics of a hatchback, an SUV and a station wagon, add a dash of MPV and you get a crossover model ready to be dished up to a market that is proving to be increasingly attracted to fusion offerings. This is exactly what Peugeot has done with the 3008 presented at Geneva and on sale from May.

The project, codenamed T84, began four years ago, in parallel with the 308 with which it shares its platform. The goal was to offer a blend of driving pleasure, space, safety and versatility with some degree of off-road ability, while using front wheel drive only and minimising environmental impact. Accordingly, the car is offered with a selection of clean powertrains – two 1.6 litre petrols producing 120 and 150 bhp, and two diesels, a 1.6 and a 2.0 litre, good for 110 and 150 bhp respectively. In 2011, these will be joined by the Hybrid4 diesel-electric hybrid, which will also feature all wheel drive.

The styling project focused on giving the car a sense of balance, which is key in the success of a crossover. The design was developed by the Peugeot style centre directed by Jean-Pierre Ploué, who also heads the design activities of PSA Group sister brand Citroën. The project manager for the exterior and interior of the T84 was Anna Costamagna. The first sketches were produced in spring 2004, when a sketch for an “Avance de Phase” concept by designer Nicolas Brissoneau was picked for development.

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