“Choosing innovation for a project that makes innovation its mission” is how IED Turin director Cesar Mendoza sums up the spirit of the Eye project developed by the students of the Master of Arts course in Transportation Design in collaboration with Tesla Motors, the California-based manufacturer of purely electric cars.

“We wanted an emotive, sexy car that expresses its efficiency and bold identity through its design language” continues a visibly pleased Mendoza as he describes this concept which, after its two year gestation process, was finally revealed to the public at the Geneva Motor Show.

The decision to work with a partner other than a traditional carmaker was driven by the need to experiment and seek new stimuli, especially for the Master course, which has now been extended to two years to meet the same standards as other study offerings around the world and to give its students – who already start off with a solid foundation – a superior degree of skill and specialisation.

The Eye measures 4250 mm in length, 1800 mm in width and 1360 mm in height and has a wheelbase of 2650 mm. The project is the result of a study of the identity of the Tesla brand and is intended to become a status symbol for a young, cosmopolitan target clientele that grew up on digital technology and is constantly connected with the global network. In essence, the Eye aims to be an ecological alternative for the C segment: a sports 2+2 with attractive looks and an affordable price tag.

The article continues in Auto & Design no. 182

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