IAAD announces the seventh edition of IAAD TURIN DESIGN WORKSHOP, a system of synergistic workshops organized annually in February between the first and second semester. A week devoted to discuss around current issues related to the design world and its direct connection with contemporary society, a fundamental moment of the creative-experimental-educational path in which professors, students, companies and institutions work together for the territory and its needs. The theme of this seventh edition is inspired by the work of the British urbanist Charles LandrY, The Art of City Making. Against the model of urban engineering, which focuses exclusively on the physical infrastructure, he creates the concept of creative infrastructure, a union between the material elements and the human dynamics of a place, the connections and the relationships, the atmosphere. Cities should be the most creative for the world and not in the world. So creativity takes an ethical foundation. The civic creativity – argues Landry – is the imaginative capacity to solve problems applied to objectives aimed at the collective good. It assumes by the public sector a greater entrepreneurial spirit, even within the institutional limits, and by the private sector a greater awareness of their responsibilities towards the community. The creative city concept, he coined in the late 80’s, has become over time a shared model for rethinking the planning and management of cities. IAAD, as incubator of innovation and creativity, will work for a week with 8 different workshops, designing solutions for the redevelopment of an area – quoting the Councillor for Strategic Planning, Stefano Lo Russo – characterized by a particularly weak and fragile social structure requiring interventions both public and aimed at further integration. A challenge that IAAD has in its DNA and vocation and that will continue for the foreseeable future.

The opening conference will be on Monday 15th February at 11.30 am at Sala Lattes – Basic.Net – C.so Regio Parco 39 – Torino. Works will be opened by Mayor Piero Fassino, by Ilda Curti Assessor Youth Politics, by architect Cino Zucchi who oversaw the work of enhancement and functional recovery of  IAAD premises and project Nuvola Lavazza, moderated by Laura Milani, IAAD Director and by Federico De Giuli, Director of IAAD Scientific Board.Workshops results will be presented on Friday, February 19th at 2.00 pm.