Django Reinhardt was a guitarist whose strong, determined character enabled him to deliver highly personal music and open up new roads. It’s no coincidence that Peugeot chose his name to christen the retro-modern scooter launched in late 2014 that has recently been joined by the “S” sports version. As Peugeot’s top management says, it’s not just a vehicle but an authentic lifestyle.

«The original idea behind its development, says Didier Roze, Django design manager, was triggered by the fact that vintage is trending these days. So we rummaged around in the history of Peugeot in the search for emotions. Challenging, stimulating work carried forward for 111 weeks by a team of 10 people, each of whom was able to give free rein to professionalism and imagination».

The result is unquestionably satisfying. The Django catches the eye and elegantly shows off clear reminders of Peugeot’s two- and four-wheel history.

«Our first S55 scooter of 1954, Roze continues, and the 402 Darl’Mat of 1937 inspired the curves on the Django and its colour scheme. I even stood my own S57 scooter beside my desk to remind us all of the expertise of our ancestors! To round things off we recreated Frenchy atmospheres containing the lifestyle codes of the ‘50s/’60s in France». This was the origin of details like the starter key inspired by the radio sets of the period and the wheels which borrow the shape of the hubcaps of the 402 Darl’Mat. Everything is combined with practical, up-to-date solutions such as the onboard computer, the under-saddle storage space for a jet helmet and waterproof, two lockable front drawers and a 12V socket.

And as a corollary, the range is designed to highlight this personality with five variations that can be further personalised by means of the colour and ID accessories programme: Heritage in pastel shades; Evasion with romantic two-colour paintwork; Allure refined two-colour shade on shade; Sport with number boards; the new S derives from this with its emphasis on  Mad Black (matt black) livery, the matt aluminium inserts, the big stylised “S” on the sides and handlebars, the single- or two-seater saddle.

It really is a range for all: assembled in China, the Django comes to market with 50, 125 and 150 cc engines. Dimensions remain unchanged with the “long wheelbase” layout as a guarantee of great stability.