La Traction Créative is a brand new surprise-packed web address guaranteed to raise an appreciative smile from art lovers of all ages and inclinations.
Citroën’s new Tumblr gallery extends an open invitation to unbridled artistic expression with a view to celebrating Citroën and the manifold virtues of its vehicles. The fascinating virtual gallery opened on 5 July, in the company of its initial contributors, with 28 works of the sixty or so expected by the Paris Motor Show this autumn. You can check out this ongoing digital exhibition for yourself on:

There’s no end to the outlets for Citroën’s inexhaustible feel-good spirit, judging from launch of La Traction Créative, a digital gallery on Tumblr showing works from artists inspired by the Citroën range. All contributors are given free rein to artistic expression, the only requirement being that it should convey emotion. Subject matter varies greatly, with short-format items capable of achieving viral exposure to show off Citroën products and their qualities:

Le Balancier, a never-ending see-saw story based on the C4 Cactus Airmbumps, Berlingo en Liberté, in which a mission of zoologists observes the car’s five larger-than-life features, Car sweet Car, in which C1 reveals all, in five animation clips with a decidedly girly sprit, PacMan, an arcade game in which E-Mehari scores points, a nod to the Parrot audio system fitted in this elegant electric cabriolet, originally Made in Brittany.

La Suricate, featuring a marionette theatre in the rear window of SpaceTourer, with a surprise ending that will delight passengers aged 7 to 77. True to the image of this strikingly original operation, the exhibits already on show for the 5 July release, attended by the initial contributors in person, are anything but traditional in spirit. Three agencies were brought in to assist with production —Dream On, Onirim and La Société Anonyme, which coordinated operations. Some sixty exhibits are scheduled for La Traction Créative by the time the Paris Motor Show opens this autumn, and there are already 28 on show on the gallery’s dedicated Tumblr site: