A narrative you can construct and interpret in whatever way you like: that’s the theme Renault suggested to a young Italian film director, Gabriele Mainetti, asking him to start from the concept of modularity, one of the cornerstones of the new Scenic. Hence Ningyo, a short interactive film with screenplay by Nicola Guaglianone presented on the occasion of the 73rd Venice Film Festival. The short is made up of three narrative modules that the spectator can organise in different sequences.

Editing has always ruled in the cinema: so six stories with different meanings and nuances can be obtained and the final cut can transmit any feeling from the romantic to the disturbing. The leading characters are an elegant young man (interpreted by Alessandro Borghi) who is having a sashimi meal in a Japanese restaurant in the centre of Rome, and a mermaid (Aurora Ruffino) in the square just outside the restaurant who asks him for help because she risks suffocation, not to speak of being cut to pieces by the chefs. The reparatory race to the sea – third module in the story – takes place of course on board the new Scenic in its golden yellow scenically impactful launch livery and Be-Style trim, with black roof and pillars.

In whatever order they are placed, Ningyo’s three modules tell the story of impossible love between beings from different worlds. The possible not to say highly probable love that Renault is counting on is that between the public and the new Scenic, the outcome of a project whose key words are design, technology and, precisely, modularity. One example of the latter is the sliding centre console that can be shifted so as to divide up the front area of the cabin in different ways.

The fourth generation of the mother of all compact MPVs (unveiled at Geneva in March, see Auto&Design no. 217 Cover Story) will hit the roads of Europe in November, while the new Scenic in its seven-seat incarnation will be unveiled in Paris at month end.

It can be seen in action in the shorts presented at the Venice Festival on the interactive site: www.nuovascenic.it/ningyo

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