Parco Valentino keeps growing and in 2017 for its third edition it will become the International Outdoor Auto Show. With lots of innovations, starting from stands consisting of a linked series of covered, well-lit platforms. Access to the Show will be by electronic ticket: “A system of online accreditation that is already operative will offer the public not only access to the exhibition but also to side events and test drives thanks to special arrangements like the one with Trenitalia. But is essential to remember that the event will continue to be free of charge”, said Andrea Levy, president of Parco Valentino, presenting the next edition.

Apart from fifty or so car brands, Style Centres will be present as usual (12 attended in 2016), historic and emerging names engaging with a future in which the very concept of the motor car is being transformed, as was mentioned by some of the car designers that took part in the meeting. “The car will be different to what we know today, we have to create new forms functional to the new ways cars will be used while attempting to keep the passion alive. In this the independent Centres will play a key role”, said Fabio Filippini, Chief creative officer of Pininfarina.

Filippo Perini, Head of Design at Italdesign, added: “Turin has to go back to being the Mecca of real cars. Italdesign is evolving and is bringing the most innovative technologies to bear with a view to participating actively in this renewal”. Then there are designers like Umberto Palermo, CEO of UP Design and Mole Automobiles who foresees a split in the automotive soul: on the one hand the car that you share rather than own, on the other the exclusive tailor-made model made to measure for the client. It is here in Palermo’s opinion that design which views the car with passion will continue to develop. For Stephane Schwartz, Design Director at Zagato, the car will remain an object of desire for a long time to come, with new opportunities for creatives. For many years the sector has been rather hidebound. The ongoing change will offer us designers more freedom to express ourselves, bearing in mind not only the new technologies but also changing lifestyles” .

We look forward to seeing the models symbolising this evolution when Parco Valentino puts them on display to the public from 7 to 11 June 2017 with opening times extended to midnight.