The degree’s project of the University Fh-Joanneum of Graz first semester 2015/2016, in collaboration with MAN Truck & Bus AG and Kneitz, engaged the students to develop vehicle concepts for long-distance coaches of the brands MAN and NEOPLAN with a maximum cruising speed of 130 Km/h. The High Efficiency Coach of the future hence becomes a real alternative to the plane over shorter distances. Since greater speeds cause higher air resistance, while the consumption of fuel should not rise, possibilities of reducing the energy consumption were also considered.

Neoplan A24-7 Aero by Laura Lang, Ivo Wawer and Daniel Brunsteiner, is an aerodynamic high-efficiency coach that travels non-stop, day and night thanks to the integrated autonomous driving mode. Providing a private jet experience, it gives passengers the possibility to use their travel time efficiently by working or sleeping during the journey and it also offers a special designed interior (photos above and below).

Start-up by Clara Fessler, Martin Friedrich and Benjamin Loinger, is a modular bus system that focuses on the needs of bus operators. The basic bus can be extended through three modules thus, luggage storage, equipment and the number and distance of the seats can be adapted to any kind of journey.

Omni 2.0 by Philipp Fromme, Jenny Gebler and Marian Massegg, is a double-decker bus with an easily accessible and especially spacious business class. The generous dimensions also provide superior comfort for people with disabilities.

Roadtrain 2026 by Meixner, Ernhardt, Gossler and Friedrich, utilises the architectural composition of trucks trailer to its advantage in order to increase its passenger capacity without compromising manoeuvrability in cities and on narrow roadways.

Otium by Couperot, Wilkens and Krzywinska, offers cocoons instead of regular seats, a lounger-like seat which allows a relaxed, half-lying position for a new travelling experience. The central drive unit, in which the motor is hidden, also serves as the mid-joint of the bus, allowing a very small turning circle despite Otium’s lenght.

Smart Unit by Florian Howecker, Daniel Oxler, Mara Pollinger and Kai Grammel, is an autonomous, modular, inter-urban coach system that allows passengers to travel seamlessly and comfortably from door-to-door using only one vehicle. The system is based on coach modules which can be ordered individually with the SmartUnit app or used as a scheduled service.