Segment D is not easy to approach and for a number of years has seen a significant presence only of élite brands. An interesting opportunity for the Korean Kia, a fast growing brand from the Kia-Hyundai group, fifth among world manufacturers. In 2015 they launched the new generation of the Optima which, with the PHEV saloon, now evolves into plug-in hybrid technology and with the “family” Sportswagon, also offered in a GT performance interpretation.

The PHEV relaunches the elegantly dynamic character of this model, characterised on the outside by the automatic front grille which manages air flows (Cx from 0.27 to 0.25), the underbody trim and blue-chrome inserts. Specific instrumentation offering information on the propulsion system and driving style stands out in the interior. The hybrid system includes a 156 bhp 2.0 GDI petrol engine and a 50 kW electric unit combined with a six-speed automatic transmission. With an electric start you can travel for 54 km at 120 kph.

At 4.9 m the Sportswagon is as long as the saloon and has an attractive appearance deriving from the shape of the rear zone (with 552 litre luggage compartment) whose enhanced width adds a touch of feistiness. The GT also proposes specific bumpers, Led lights, twin exhaust pipes, sporty interiors and electronically controlled suspension. This variant, which will soon be available on the saloon too, uses a petrol driven 245 bhp turbo 2.0 T-GDI with six-speed dual clutch transmission. For Class and GT Line versions a 141 bhp 1.7 CRDi turbodiesel is available with manual or automatic transmission.