The Design Academy project was organized by Renault Design and developed under the lead of Patrick Lecharpy (VP Advanced Design and Head of Renault Design India studios) and Project Manager Luciano Bove, (Design Academy Head of Program and Advanced Design Manager). This project is in cooperation with Laurent Biguet’s Renault Design Academy team.

Renault Design has a long history of ties with Design Schools worldwide, and has offered and continues to offer internships to talented students in its design studios across the global design organization (France, Korea, Romania, Brazil, India, and China).

“I asked Luciano, who is always close to the Design Education & Design Schools, to think about how to put together our needs to find real talents & students’ needs to find a job.

Luciano came up with a very cool idea: a sort of car designer’s talent show! In reality we will offer internships, but the candidates will be followed in a very professional and unique way.” (Patrick Lecharpy)

Luciano Bove explains a little more: “We decided to make an extra step by deepening the internship experience for the best young design talents that may want to work with us.

To do so, we put together a team of 12 professional designers and managers (from France & India).

Currently we are in the process of receiving all candidatures and in less than 2 weeks we will proceed to the final selection of 6 best candidates. We will offer a 6 months Internship Contract with a nice package and on the 3rd of April this adventure will start.

Our objective is to offer, at the end of the experience, a full time designer job contract to the 2 best finalists (Chennai and /or Mumbai Design studios). All 6 candidates will receive a Professional Internship Certificate.

With this experience we would also like to make a sort of live coverage of the daily activities, a sort of live show (via social media), to create a strong tie between the 6 interns and our followers to make of it a full and exciting experience”.

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