AutoMobility LA has announced that the winners of the 2017 Design & Developer Challenge Industry Pick, People’s Pick and Judges’ Pick awards are Honda Advanced Design & Trigger, Systematica and ZGF Architects. Hosted within the epicenter of automotive design and innovation, AutoMobility LA’s Design & Developer Challenge is the world’s only annual competition that blends the automotive design community with creatives from multiple disciplines, including entertainment, technology, architecture and urban planning. This year, eleven teams took on the challenge to create a mobility plan for the City of Los Angeles to include in its bid to host a global sporting event in the year 2060. Their visionary concepts offer an intriguing look into the future of cities, mobility solutions and human experiences made possible with advanced artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cloud computing, e-mobility, vertical transportation and more.


Based in Milan, Italy, Systematica is a transport planning and mobility engineering consultancy. Comprised of Anahita Rezaallah, Federico Messa, Filippo Bazzoni and Rawad Choubassi, their approach to this year’s challenge focused on full decentralization and an efficient hyper-connected network of vertical and horizontal transportation.

ZGF Architects

Based in Los Angeles, CA, ZGF Architects is an architecture, design and planning practice with a culture of innovation and design excellence spanning a diversity of work at all scales of the built environment. Comprised of Oscar Ramos and Sarah Winter, their approach to this year’s challenge focused on a new multi-story transportation system featuring magnetic-levitation lanes, Level 8 autonomy vehicles and transmuting structures.

Honda Advanced Design & Trigger

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Honda Advanced Design creates future Honda and Acura automobile and mobility design concepts while Trigger invents unrivaled mixed reality experiences for the world’s top brands. Comprised of Anthony Palacios, Danny Parks, Ed Natividad, Geoff Zanelli, Jackson Veigel, Jason Yim, Judd Kim, Ricky Hsu and Shaun Green, their collaborative approach to this year’s challenge combined three disciplines that are uniquely intertwined in the Los Angeles area: mobility design, mixed reality and entertainment.