Hyundai Motor highlights new technology concepts at CES 2018, all focused on connecting future technology with evolving mobility solutions, and will share its latest achievements to advance its future mobility vision clean, connected and freedom in mobility – announced a year ago. The newest model in Hyundai’s eco-vehicle portfolio is called Nexo, anticipated by the concept car FE Concept presented at Geneva Motor Show 2017. The car, equipped with a revolutionary fuel-cell system and intelligent Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, is truly a glimpse at the future of transportation. The zero-emission FCEV runs on hydrogen and proves that even an eco-friendly powertrain can fully support the energy demands of autonomous driving.


Nexo features significant advancements in automated driving. In an industry first, Nexo debuts Blind-spot View Monitor, which shows drivers the rear and side view while changing lanes in either direction. The technology will allow the driver to focus on the road ahead even while changing lanes without turning their heads. The Suv is Hyundai’s second-generation mass produced fuel cell electric vehicle that will be available in select markets around the world starting in 2018. Improvements in the air supply system performance at high altitudes and refueling times, along with overall efficiency and fuel economy put the car in a class all its own, with an estimated target range of 500 miles NEDC. Nexo will help to fulfill Hyundai’s goal of introducing 18 eco-friendly models to global markets by 2025.