Chinese soul, Italian style. The LVCHI Urano, with its aggressive front and taut, rear-directed lines, was presented in Shanghai at the beginning of January. The forms of this electric-powered concept are the outcome of an in-house competition among Icona’s different offices in Turin, Shanghai and Los Angeles, where a hundred or so designers work under the guidance of Global Design Director Samuel Chuffart.

Lvchi Urano

The design competition was won by the Turin office. At that point the 3D design and development of the model got under way, before presentation in Shanghai on 8 January. As in many cars designed by Icona, the luminous “signature” of the front and rear Led lighting units that reproduces the company’s arrow logo is also visible on the Urano. Four seats and four doors, the Urano aims to be an electric saloon-coupé, characterised by sleekly aggressive lines. The declared figures are outstanding: 700 horsepower, 3.5 seconds for 0-100 and a range of 690 km.

LVCHI urano

Icona, a company specialising in design, engineering and prototyping that has been operating since 2010, will debut at the next Geneva Show with a concept car, a manifesto of its vision on the mobility of the future, of which for the moment a teaser has been released.

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