Ford today revealed the first teaser image of the Match 1, company’s new Mustang-inspired utility vehicle – the first new model from the Ford Team Edison group assembled specifically to develop electrified vehicles for markets worldwide. Darren Palmer is global product development director in Ford Team Edison – a dedicated, cross-functional team based in new offices in downtown Detroit, US. The team has been given licence to operate in a completely different and innovative way to develop electric vehicles for a market accelerating at an exponential rate. Tasked to move fast and come together quickly to solve both common problems and the unique challenges presented by each individual market, Team Edison has embraced a “no stripes mentality” to encourage ideas from different viewpoints. Team Edison is also taking a fresh approach to developing prototype products. Low-fidelity prototypes that can be developed faster – even out of materials such as cardboard where appropriate – enable more flexibility to learn and iterate, and deliver truly intuitive and innovative designs.