McLaren Automotive will reveal the form of the McLaren Speedtail and some of its astonishing technical details online on Friday, October 26. The 106 clients who have secured their own Speedtail, the next chapter in McLaren’s Ultimate Series, will see this momentous car shortly at a private event being held in London. Many, many more people will be given the opportunity to appreciate McLaren’s first Hyper-GT via the online reveal at when, the British car manufacturer, will also confirm the Speedtail’s maximum speed which will be higher than any car it has yet produced. In addition it exposes its advanced, hand crafted interior with centrally-mounted driving seat. Its design will be futuristic and highly streamlined, incorporating new materials to facilitate limitless possibilities for tailoring through McLaren Special Operations. It will have the capability to exceed the 243mph peak speed of the legendary McLaren F1 road car thanks to a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain delivering more than 1000PS.