Brembo is set to inaugurate tomorrow the “Brembo Designing Emotions” installation, a project created for the Fuorisalone being held in conjunction with the Salone del Mobile 2019. The installation will be on display at the Dino Buzzati Hall of the Corriere della Sera. “Brembo, Designing Emotions” combines research and language to move the vision of industrial design into the other dimensions of thought and creative identity. “Brembo has always focused on research based on innovation and testing, where design is playing an increasingly prominent role whilst remaining functional and never an end to itself. Our design first looks toward performance, but it has also enabled beauty to align with the values our activity is based on: performance, reliability and comfort” says Alberto Bombassei, President of Brembo.


The installation was created by Moreno Gentili, a concept designer who once again engaged artists and industry in bringing design to a place where dreams, visions and impressions come together in innovative communication. “Brembo, Designing Emotions” is the project that seven artists contributed to completely free of any creative constraints, taking inspiration from the iconic Brembo brake caliper. The artists who participated in the project are Marzia Migliora, Mario Airó, Melina Mulas, Silvia Codignola, Bruna Ginammi, Ilaria Bochicchio, Barbara Fässler; Silvia De Laude, philologist and essayist, and Jacqueline Ceresoli, visual art critic and historian.