Danish automotive designer Anders Warming announces the establishment of his new design studio Warming Design, based in Munich, Germany. In an ever-changing world of mobility, more than ever the role of car design is asked to question the status quo and to-present visionary solutions for the future. The new design studio provides an independent and forward-thinking perspective on the concept of car-aesthetics, on future mobility and on the overall eco-system of connected experiences.

Offered services range from classic automotive and advanced future mobility design to the new and increasingly more important synergies of experience-, object- and special-design. Anders Warming was born in Denmark where he grew up in the design-capital Copenhagen. He has over 22 years professional experience in the international automotive business, having worked in various leading roles for the prestigious brands Bmw, Mini and Borgward. His design influence ranges from the ground-breaking design of the first Bmw Z4, through a vast range of production designs for Bmw and Mini to a catalogue of future concept vehicles, most recently the Mini Next 100 Vision (2016) and the Borgward Isabella Concept (2017).