The new Mini Cooper SE is the first model to combine electromobility in an urban setting with the hallmark brand properties of the original in the premium segment of small cars. The first ever purely electric model of the British brand is a genuine Mini to the core. The dimensions, design, space and interior ambience of the new MINI Cooper SE are clearly based on the conventionally powered vehicle, the development of which already took account of the expansion of the model range to include a electrically powered version.

Selective modifications and discreet differentiations regarding the conventionally powered model are also characteristic of the design of the new Mini Cooper SE. Like the model-specific front radiator grill, the largely closed undercarriage and the distinctively designed rear apron contribute to reducing aerodynamic drag. The fact that the electrically powered car does not require an exhaust system likewise facilitates air ducting in the undercarriage and at the rear. An aerodynamically optimised surface is also to be found on the optional 17-inch light alloy wheels with asymmetrical design.

The car is fitted as standard with a model-specific instrument cluster consisting of a 5.5-inch colour screen in Black Panel design behind the steering wheel. At the centre of this fully digital screen, the road speed is shown in figures with a peripheral scale band. The speed band is also displayed in the light ring of the central instrument – in red (Sport mode), white (Mid) or green (Green and Green+), according to the mode selected.