At the occasion of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of 4L International (annual Renault 4 meeting held in the Loire) gathering 4L lovers, the participants were treated to a nice surprise. With the collaboration of Renault Classic, Renault Design and the help of Melun Rétro Passion, the Renault 4 reinvents itself in electric mode. A version that reminds of the 1968 “Plein Air” model.

The car uses the Renault Twizy engine and has been modified in some parts of the body compared to the original of 1968 made by Sinpar. The 4L e-Plen Air is characterized by the front with the large white mask that integrates the round headlights, the sides without doors and the absence of the roof. Unlike the original version, however, the 4L e-Plen Air can only accommodate 2 people instead of 4, with a basket of wicker instead of the rear bench.