What does a sporty brand like Alfa Romeo have in common with one of the most renowned boutiques on Via Monte Napoleone in Milan? Mainly, the prestige of being two great Made in Italy products, though different in form and expression, that have shared a decidedly glamorous initiative. Spanning the weekend of 8 September, the week in which is celebrated the 90th edition of the Italian Grand Prix, one of the “House of the Snake’s” iconic cars – the Alfa Romeo 159 “Alfetta” that won the F1 championship with Juan Manuel Fangio in 1951 – was displayed at the Larusmiani boutique. The latter has been one of the most prestigious clothing and tailoring stores in the world since 1922, and one synonymous with Italian excellence and beauty. The celebrations began on 4 September with an evening in which the elegance, style, quality, and craftsmanship of the two brands came together in a location prepared especially for the occasion, with the walls decorated with fascinating images from the past.

The same characteristics, in the end, that have accompanied the manufacture of the highest performing vehicles produced under the Four-leaf clover symbol since 1923, have been sewn into the garments of Boutique Larusmiani, represented by the symbol of the seagull (Larus in Latin), since 1936. This initiative marks a history, two, in fact, composed of values that have given life to successful products and that describe Italian beauty – in every respect – throughout the world.