Mazda’s family of SUVs is growing with the addition to the list of the new CX-30 SUV in the C-segment. In terms of dimensions – it is 4.39 metres long – the CX-30 is halfway between the CX-3 and the CX-5. As with the rest of Mazda’s production, the focus during the planning phase for the new crossover was design. The stylistic language is still that of Kodo Design, which, in its second phase of life, interprets the car as a work of art. It is a challenging concept to follow when technical limits must be respected. In any case, the new CX-30 perfectly interprets this approach to the automobile, with original solutions for the sector.

These include, above all, the absence of ribbing on the sides, on which, however, the modelling of various panels creates interesting plays of light. The front end is also faithful to the brand’s family feeling, being dominated by a large grille that is “supported” by a chrome trim that stretches as far as the lights, while the bonnet seems almost suspended above the radiator grille. There is, however, one element that departs a little from the canons Mazda has, by now, familiarised us with, and that is the wide, black plastic strip that runs around the entire vehicle. This element expresses one of the two concepts that the designers wanted to emphasise with this model: “audacity”. This concept is contrasted with “streamlined”, which is represented by the elevated part of the vehicle, with its high waistline and low roof.

Inside, on the other hand, the dominating concept is the Japanese one of “Ma” or comfort. Also following the Jinba Ittai philosophy, the passenger compartment develops across several levels with the upper part creating a fluid movement that runs from one side to the other of the dashboard, stretching to the doors. The colours available for the interiors are Rich Brown or Navy Blue. The CX-30 user experience is controlled by a cluster with three circular elements; the central, digital one can be personalised in terms of its graphics. The infotainment system, on the other hand, relies on an 8.8-inch screen that is well integrated with the dashboard and also has clear graphics.