At Design Essentials 2019, Mercedes-Benz Design is presenting the “Vision Mercedes Simplex”, a sculpture embodying the heritage and future of the luxury brand Mercedes-Benz. It symbolises the transition to a new era of design and technology. At the same time it is an homage to the historical legacy and the birth of the brand. The entire interior is an homage to the successful history of Mercedes-Benz and the DNA of the Simplex racing car – systematically reduced and nevertheless highly emotively appealing. A seamless transition between the exterior, interior and User Experience reflects the holistic approach of the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy. This is particularly evident in the flowing, flute-like transition between the bonnet and instrument panel with its reduced interface which works with projections.

The “Vision Mercedes Simplex” reinterprets the historic Simplex as a two-seater with freestanding wheels, an alternative drive, exciting User Interface and a thrilling design. Its vehicle body with the dominant horizontal alignment sits as a monocoque amid the four large wheels, which form the outer points of the vehicle. The resolutely vertical colour separation into a white front section and a black rear section follows the historic example. The transparent trims on the wheels reflect lightness and efficiency, as do the aerodynamic surface areas between the front wheels and the vehicle body.

The design of the steering column and the switches on the instrument panel were inspired both by motorcycles and by nautical design. Luxury is evident in the numerous, jewel-like details with their high-quality finish, for example the clock in the instrument panel, the precision screws and the belt design. Strong contrasts are made between the sensuous sculpture and product-like, refined details in the colour scheme – such as the black/white contrast between the front and rear section and the azure blue upholstery.