Now in its third generation, the John Cooper Works GP represents the “raciest” side of the Mini’s character. With only 3,000 units of the car produced, it distinguishes itself from the other, softer versions via a series of features that are not only stylistic, but also functional. The chrome borders disappear, except for the one which runs around the whole waistline.

Black and grey tones dominate the rest of the car, with a few red highlights, with the Mini logo now completely black. But if we’re talking about design, the most immediately striking feature is the carbon mudguards, which are literally raised from the bodywork. The rear ones create a sense of continuity with the large, rear wing, which is also designed to ensure a few kilos of downforce.

In addition to the traditional two seats, the stand-out interior features include the aluminium paddles on the steering wheel, created using 3D printing technology, and the digital instrument panel with personalised graphics. “Working on the GP project was very stimulating” Oliver Heilmer, design boss at Mini, told us. “We had a lot of freedom, but, despite this, we chose to keep some typical elements in this version, like the 4-spoke wheels, the two-seater configuration, and the two-coloured bodywork.”