Evolution in the name of continuity. This is the concept behind the fourth generation of the Skoda Octavia, which has been unveiled as the model celebrates its sixtieth year. A completely new series where the biggest changes come in terms of design. Olivier Stefani’s team have worked on many of the aspects that have characterised the Octavia for generations, but without making any radical changes.

Instead, they have focused on bringing these features up-to-date and making them even more distinctive. “The new generation of Octavia appeals to both parts of the human brain. The rational side, by offering the space typical of this model, and the emotional side, for its renewed new style and strong character”. This is how Mr. Stefani sums up the new Skoda. And the fourth generation really has maintained all those key elements that have made the model so successful. Above all, the amount of space: with an overall length of 4.68 metres, the sedan now offers a boot space of 600 litres and the hatchback 640 litres.

All this accompanied by taut lines that, especially on the sedan, bring to mind the shape typical of a coupé. The front speaks Skoda’s new stylistic language, with the LED headlights joined to the grille by the chromed frame, which has been flattened and widened so that the profile is angled more sharply downwards, giving it a more aggressive look. But the biggest leap forward has been made inside the car, bringing the Octavia into the digital era. The multi-level dashboard features the infotainment system screen set in the middle and the virtual cockpit offers customisable graphics.