Initial sketches of the Volkswagen commercial vehicles design provide a preview of how the completely new Caddy could look from 2020. Initial sketches from the early development of the new Caddy indicate that many aspects of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ future little van model are going to be different next year. The concept drawings of the panel van variant of the Caddy underline the fact that a new self-confidence will be entering the otherwise so functional and practical vehicle class. The draft design shows possible configurations: everything different, but still with a high cargo capacity and great variability, which has always made the Caddy attractive to its customers.

An example of sportiness in the segment is indicated, for instance, by the slightly sloping roof line. And by the sculpturally shaped, large side areas – with the new Caddy showing here a lean, one-piece design. It can be assumed that in future more customers involved in sport and active leisure pursuits will consider the van an interesting, practical alternative. What can be seen is the Cargo version with several striking pointers to the actual full production panel van. These include the more strongly vertically arranged, slim LED lights at the rear. These will also appear on the passenger car version. The concept vehicle drawings also show a larger looking rear window, a significant element of the passenger car variant. In line with customer wishes, the commercially used version will also have a non-transparent tailgate and continue to offer swing doors as an option.