Torino Design, a Turin-based style and engineering company, will design the first Polish electric car for the government company Electro Mobility Poland SA. Torino Design will present five prototypes that will anticipate lines and contents of the production cars sold by Poland starting from 2022. The first two concept cars, an SUV and a sedan, will be unveiled at the end of June.

At the moment it is not yet known where the factory will be built, but it has been announced that the Piedmontese company will also design the assembly lines where the zero-emission cars will be produced. “This is a great opportunity for us. It’s not often we can design a product starting from a blank sheet of paper,” commented Roberto Piatti, CEO of Torino Design. The first car will be a C segment model, then the range will be enriched with a B segment model.  An independent company since 2006, Torino Design has been designing projects for some of the world’s most important brands such as Ferrari, BMW and McLaren.