It is a “back to the future” project, the one the Volkswagen designers embarked on to create the ID.3. The stylistic rules – that we will find on all the brand’s electric vehicles – are inspired by the historic models that have determined Volkswagen’s success throughout the world, in some cases becoming genuine symbols of their era. “With the ID.3, we are initiating a new phase, but there is no future without reference to the good things of the past. The soft lines of the Beetle and of the Transporter kindle joy from the very first look, creating a kind of empathy with these cars. We chose, therefore, to replicate them, reinterpreting them in the ID.3”, says Klaus Bischoff, head of design for the Volkswagen brand.

Volkswagen ID.3 sketch frontale

Just like the Beetle and the Transporter, the front openings of the ID.3 are minimised. In the case of its predecessors, this was because the propulsion was at the rear; in that of the ID.3, it’s because the batteries supplying the electric motor don’t need as much air for cooling. Two lines set off from the centre of the front end, surrounding the whole vehicle and defining the wheel arches, side, and back end in a way that is fast and simple to read. “This design without harsh edges replicates the feeling of comfort that you feel driving an electric car”, Bischoff continues. “It wasn’t a retro design job, at all: the style is modern, defined in a precise manner. The ID.3 is ready to become a zero emissions icon for today and tomorrow”.

Volkswagen ID.3, vettura finale bianca