Goodyear has created a revolutionary tyre. It is called reCharge and, for now, it is still at the concept stage. The idea it’s based on is simple: it is, in fact, a product equipped with a fixed, very sturdy, and crushproof structure – even in the case of punctures. It also has a tread in which capsules can be inserted that, once consumed, can be replaced. The capsules in question are made using special liquid mixtures, each with a peculiar feature, that enables drivers to equip their own cars with the most suitable covering for their individual needs.

In fact, with Goodyear reCharge, thanks to special sensors and artificial intelligence, the car itself will suggest which capsules to use for the composition of a vehicle’s tyres based on information collected on the climate, driving style, and mileage. The Goodyear reCharge mixture, furthermore, is made of spider silk, a biological material with a low environmental impact that is five times stronger than steel. Goodyear has created this innovative tyre with maintenance in mind as well. In fact, precisely thanks to these capsules, the work of tyre repairers, in the case of wear, will be much simpler and more economical.

Goodyear, together with reCharge tyres, also presented the new EfficientGrip Performance 2. Commercially available, they are capable of combining excellent endurance with very good road-holding. They achieved this with the special design of the tread, which is divided between a very stiff central part and a more elastic side tessellation that is able to get rid of water and dirt thanks to its large grooves.