Ruf, one of Porsche’s best-known German preparers, who over time has also become an independent manufacturer, unveils the Rodeo, an SCR-based concept car, the company’s first production car. According to Ruf the car has no elements in common with Porsche except the design, strongly inspired by the 964, and the engine, also 6-cylinder boxster at the rear. On the Ruf SCR was developed the Rodeo, a prototype that was to be presented at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus.

” The car combines our great passion for cars with our love of country travel and the ever-increasing crossover trend,” explains Estonia Ruf, marketing manager at the German company. Raised suspension, Michelin all-terrain tyres and details that make the Rodeo perfect for a safari. At the front we find a bull-bar protection for the bumper and towbar, plus four auxiliary lights on the bonnet.

On the roof there is a large luggage rack that can accommodate up to 5 suitcases, at the end of it there are four more LED spotlights to illuminate the darkest routes. The bodywork is two-coloured with a matt sand tone and in the lower part military green. The interiors are also specific: the seats are in leather-coloured leather and have fabric inserts reminiscent of the caow boy world and mention in particular the “Western” collection by Ralph Lauren.